The Woodland Advisor Program provides opportunities to learn about Minnesota woodland stewardship. Everybody is welcome at Woodland Advisor classes.

Classes are designed to share practical, helpful information in a clear and enjoyable format. You’ll hear from knowledgeable instructors, meet other landowners, and get answers to your own questions. Check the class calendar or read more about the program.

WA-home-imagestackOur quarterly newsletter is mailed to everybody who has attended a class within the past year. You can also read the current newsletter (and back issues) online in PDF format.

Many Woodland Advisors are active volunteers, helping their neighbors and others learn more about forest stewardship. Want to get involved? See our volunteer page.

Considering a career in forestry? The University of Minnesota has one of the nation’s best programs. Visit the Forest Resources Department for more information.

Woodland Advisor is offered through a partnership among the University of Minnesota Extension Service, the Minnesota Forestry Association, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, local woodland committees, and other groups. If you’d like to help organize a class in your area, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us anytime.

Banner photo by Mark Ellison.

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